Condolences for Bob McLellan Jr.


Gloria McLellan posted on 2/27/21

Bob , You will be dearly missed by many friends and family. I always enjoyed Bob and Kathy trips to visit Mick and me. Bob and Mick had good memories growing up and playing football and baseball . RIP Bob❤️



Vanessa Voisinet and Richard posted on 2/27/21

We are very sorry and know we love you. So glad he’s with God and his brother.


janice osborne posted on 2/26/21

What a great brother you were. Thankful for the many times you drove my friends and I to the Arlington Theater and often picked me up from school in that Fairlane Ford. Thankful for the time I won an award at Homecoming and you, Bob, were standing at the gate waiting for me to give me a hug as I walked off the football field. It was nice to see your smile! Thankful for the times you checked out my dates for approval before I went out with them. Thankful for the times you would let Bonnie and I hang out with you at Lucas Swimming Pool we were so proud to be your sisters...especially when you would dive off the high diving board!...Sandra felt the same! Thank you for being a great brother-in-law to Walt....and calling him this year to remind him to watch the Super Bowl (he did watch it & he had not watched one in years! He did so because you encouraged him to do that!).Thank you for the calls every single year to wish Walt and I a Merry Christmas! And IF Bonnie were here....she was so so glad that you, Bob, walked her down the aisle at her wedding....while Dad was in the hospital and couldn't! Thankful to have Bob McLellan Jr. for my brother....the teachers at AHS always would ask me each year "Are you related to the McLellan brothers?" And I replied "Yes, I am." You made mine & my siblings younger years more fun and more doable! love and will miss knowing you are not "here" but instead "there" with family members you loved lots.


Katheryn McLellan posted on 2/26/21

You are already missed and loved. What great times we had together. I wish I could see the reunion between you and Mac. I know it will be a joyus one. Much love to you Bob and Mac.


Shannon McLellan Covey posted on 2/25/21

So many good times Mac and I had with you. Love, Shannon