Condolences for Peggy Paulson


Kiley Kirby posted on 2/13/20

She was my grandma and we all truly miss her.


EDWARD SCHRADER posted on 8/17/19

Rest In Peace, Peggy..., For when you arrive, next artist of sunsets in God's western sky; Majestic purple mountains, flowers, horses, pups and kittens, landscapes of tranquility, by your talents we were smitten. We'll look for that beauty you painted to share, and remember your love, strength, efforts, and care.



Sharry Schrader posted on 8/16/19

Peggy, my friend, my sister-in-law, and my favorite artist. You fought so hard those last few days but God needed you in heaven. I’m fortunate enough to have several of your paintings so I can “see and talk to to you every day”. Rest In Peace my friend.