Condolences for Mary Pauline Quisenberry

Jackie and David posted on 4/17/19

Dear Family, It is with great sadness we mourn the lost of our dear Mary, your Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother and a dear twin sister. Yet, a great joy to have had her in our lives for as long as we did. Mary was an anchor of strength, the voice of reason and the speaker of the truth, sometimes the hard truth. She was the keeper of memories, the teller of family lore. The one person you could count on to remember the details of the life we shared and the current news of our family, friends and Quanah. Of course, gathering those memories could only be culled in short spurts for Mary did not have time for long conversations she was too busy having fun and fellowship. Her quick brilliant mind was concise and to the point. I'm proud to have been part of her life but even more thankful to have had her as a friend and confidant. This was something which grew over time. We were big girls in a small world. She brought so much joy to so many people and told it like it was when she had to and through it all she did it her Way. Mary gave me advice on aging which I have shared many a time since. She said, "Have everything that aches repaired while your in your sixties then slide right into your eighties." She had a wonderful sense of humor, sort of on the dry side but when she laughed it was joyful. She had a radiating reverence about her which left no doubt to any of us she had a straight line to God's head office. That's what made her having the only red toilet in Quanah Texas so devilishly hilarious. When asked how it came to be, she just smiled and lifted her shoulders saying, "It was the only one they had." Thank you Mary for all the sweet memories, the wonderful family you created & nurtured, and the Joy you gave to each and everyone of us and the Blessing of time spent in your presence. Your where you wanted to be and amongst some of the finest of company. There's a new star in the night sky tonight and it shines ever so brightly. Peace, love and long hugs, Jackie and David