Condolences for Berva Avant

Douglas Barnett posted on 2/15/19

Words cannot express how grateful I am to your Mom. Berva was so incredibly good to my Dad after my mother passed away. Home cooked meals by your Mom, square dancing, movies, and Bridge. They had something to do almost every night. Your Mom was a wonderful, beautiful, kind, patient, loving, and insightful woman with a great sense of humor. She was always kind and welcoming to my sister Alicia and I. My Dad’s final years would have been less rich, without her presence and friendship. Berva was a constant source of compassion and company that my Dad so needed. She was so good to him in fact that, I often wondered if my Dad was being kind enough to your wonderful mother. When my Dad got so terribly sick, your Mom stayed the night more than once to help not only him but Alicia and I as we cared for him during Hospice. It wasn’t her responsibility, but she was happy to help, even though it must have been hard to see my Dad passing, the last few days of his life. Your Mom had a sense of family and the importance there of, that I remember and keep close to my heart whenever I feel challenged by my own family. Your Mom had the gift of unconditional love. I in no way ever doubted the pride and love she had for your Dad, you, and your entire family. She loved you all and spoke of you often in a manner that left no doubt. Your Mom and Dad were good friends to my Mom and Dad. One of my favorite memories of your Mom and Dad was when they came to visit my mother in the hospital near the end of your Dad’s life. He was having difficulty walking long distances. After the visit and your mom and Dad left the room, they headed down a long hospital hall. I left the room right after them to find a bathroom. As I glanced down their direction I saw your Mom point to an abandoned wheelchair and say to your Dad “Get in There”. I think he was kind of winded because he didn’t resist and sat right down in it. The next thing I heard was him mentioning was they had stolen “This vehicle”. I stopped and just watched them proceed down the long hallway. Her pushing him in the wheelchair. They kind of giggled and he told her to watch out for something in the hallway she was getting close to. She sarcastically said, “Whose driving this stolen buggy?” then they really started laughing. She was going way to fast by the time they got to the end of the hallway. I could tell there was a lot of Love between them. I wanted to make sure you knew,… so many others were touched by your Mom, in her life. I will be forever grateful that God allowed your mother to cross my families path. Alicia, Connie, and I wish you peace as you move through this season of your Mom’s passing. She was a GREAT Woman. I will be praying for you all. With Love, Douglas Barnett