At Martin’s Funeral Home and Cremation Service, we are here for you before, during and long after the funeral.

We follow up with you in the weeks and months after the service to support you through the healing process. We can also help with filing insurance or obtaining a death certificate.

Everyone grieves differently. We encourage families to seek professional guidance. Ministers in the community are extremely helpful with private counseling. Our staff can refer families to a clergy of choice, if requested.

If you have lost a spouse, we can refer you to a help program specifically for widows and widowers.

Don’t face grief alone. Martin’s Funeral Home and Cremation Service is here to help you rebuild in the weeks and months after your loss.

Interactive Grief Support

GuidingGrief-buttonFor immediate support and to learn more about the grieving process, view our Guiding Grief Interactive Support Video.

Here, you will be guided through steps to help you find answers to many questions about grief and suggestions for your own healing or help with someone else’s healing. Gain an understanding and acceptance of how necessary the process is, and know that you will get through it. Watch this video to know you are not alone.